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  • Oil and gas boom opens up too many opportunities

           DUBLIN, Sep 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The global seamless steel pipe market is valued at $61.6 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow by 7% by 2032, according to a new analysis by market research and competitor information provider Fact .MR developed at a high ...
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  • BIS raided a mall selling stainless steel pipes in the city

           Over the past month, a group of BIS Chennai officers have seized 40 lakh worth of stainless steel welded pipes during raids at various locations in the city.       The raids were carried out on the premises of 10 stainless steel pipe dealers based on...
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  • Cleveland-Cliffs and US Steel vie for Nashwauk mining rights on Iron Range

           Two of the largest mining companies in the Iron Range – Cleveland-Cliffs and US Steel – have filed formal requests with the state to secure coveted mining leases formerly owned by Mesabi Metallics.        Last year, the Minnesota Departme...
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  • Two US Citizens Arrested for Illegal Technology Export to Russia | OPA

           Using the official .gov website The .gov website is owned by an official US government organization.        A secure .gov site that uses an HTTPS (padlock) or https:// blocking means that you are connected to the .gov site in a secure manner. Share ...
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  • China’s giant panda Ya Ya is coming home

    Concerns have been raised about the health of Ya Ya, a giant panda in the United States, at the Memphis Zoo. Earlier, Chinese residents in the US who visited the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee, where Ya Ya lived, reported low spirits, suspected malnutrition, loose stomach, and stereotypical behavior. ...
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  • Why Can Precision Stainless Steel Tubes Be Used in Medical Devices?

    Why Can Precision Stainless Steel Tubes Be Used in Medical Devices?

    As we all know, the manufacture of medical equipment is very strict, and many factors must be considered in the selection of materials, which are related to people's health and safety. Among them, many medical equipment manufacturers choose precision stainless steel pipe...
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  • Copper industry or will usher in a major period of growth, exposing the investment logic behind

    The following is to analyze the investment logic of copper industry from the three consumption areas of copper: Home appliances Household appliances are one of the main areas of copper consumption. With the improvement of residents’ consumption level, as well as the continuous popularity of...
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  • China is already the world’s largest copper consumer

    Before you understand Zijin Mining, you have to understand the investment logic of the copper industry, otherwise it is equivalent to blindly investing in stocks. First of all, what is copper? Copper is a kind of metal element, because of its good ductility, high thermal conductivity and high co...
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    Stainless steel capillary, stainless steel small tube is widely used in medical treatment, fiber-optic, pen making, electronic welding products, light cable joint, food, vintage, dairy, drink, pharmacy and biochemistry, different length can be provided according to requests Capillary tubes with a...
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